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Here After

Designers and artists Craig & Karl have playfully revived a derelict petrol station in London’s White City, with a a public and visually arresting art installation.




Back to the Favela

Boa Mistura goes back to the favela where their famous urban art project started: adding the words Poesía and Magica, they represent the true spirit of Vila Brâsilandia.



A Friendly Takeover

On show at MIMA in Brussels, Boris Tellegen’s constellation of experiences underscores his need to extend the creative field and reach out to different communities.




Jean‐Michel Basquiat

The exhibition “Jean-Michel Basquiat” in Milan recalls the life of a man full of talent, lost in his own fragilty in a society that applauded him as an artist, but refused the colour of his skin.




Os Gemeos Efêmero

“Outside the Cube”, the new public art project by HangarBicocca, starts on 20 April with a big site-specific public mural by Brasilian artists Os Gemeos.



Cover Up

Matthieu Martin’s project Cover Up, just published on the namesake book, is an archive of covered graffiiti in American and European cities which question us about our idea of cleanness and control.