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Expo 2015 and socials

Two months since Expo 2015 opened, in an attempt to cast light on the matter, we analysed nearly 1.7 million posts, with the assistance of Voices from the Blogs, a spin-off of Milan University.


Architecture / Maria Novozhilova


Tweets and the streets

In under 200 pages, a book leads even complete novices through an original discussion of the relationship between the Egyptian revolution and social media.


Reviews / Francesca Sironi

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry

The first film to document the Chinese artist's work provides a complete overview of Weiwei's most recent activities, portraying an artist with great intellectual faith in man's ability to contribute to the improvement of society.


Reviews / Silvana Fiorese


An interview with Nicholas Felton

Accompanying our review of Facebook Timeline, Domus interviews lead designer Nicholas Felton about filtering the noise of social media and mirroring personal memory. Features exclusive early sketches of Timeline.


Interviews / Dan Hill


In praise of lost time

Facebook Timeline is an exemplary bit of interaction design that does little to advance the timeline formally. Yet it might alter the nature of human memory itself.


Design / Dan Hill