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Postmodern Procedures

The show at the SCI-Arc gallery in Los Angeles embed the imagery of postmodernity within a dense tangle of regulations, production specifications and technologies.




Habitat for Humanity

SCI-Arc and Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles designed collaboratively an innovative, sustainable and affordable home for a local veteran and his family.



Close Up

The SCI-Arc showcases how digital and technological advancements have transformed radically architectural ideas, impacting with the traditions of tectonic expression.




Heather Flood: Punk’d

Heather Flood's Punk’d installation at SCI-Arc Gallery explores the visual effects that can be produced when 2D graphic patterns are translated into 3D constructions.




Figure Ground Game

The show curated by Jeffrey Kipnis at the SCI-Arc gallery explores the evolution of the relationship that architecture has with the ground, as well as the power struggles and political implications.


Architecture / Katya Tylevich

A Confederacy of Heretics

Looking back on a 40-year history, SCI-Arc choses a heretical mantle, and zeroes in on autumn 1979, when eleven architects exhibited in a makeshift gallery that popped up in Thom Mayne’s house.


Architecture / Mimi Zeiger