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Mandvi Auditorium

Responding to its context and the adjoining roads, the project in a campus in Mandvi, India, is divided into three parts – the auditorium block, a circular wall and a rectangular admin and service block.




House in Smilovci

The southern side of the house in Smilovci, Serbia, has been extended by Modelart Arhitekti with a terrace, which is an inter-space between the interior and the backyard.



Shed La Colombière

Designed by YH2 in Sutton, Canada, the link of the house to the soil remains the same while growing vertically and developing an aerial volume reminiscent of tree canopies.




Mountain House

Avoiding a vernacular approach and all the artificial and obsolete local architecture elements, Studio Razavi Architecture realised a single family home in a highly preserved French Alpine valley.




The Houseboat

Designed by Mole Architects as two hulls, upturned for shelter and sat upon a solid base, this house in Poole, UK, offers wonderful views over the bay beyond.



Movable shrine

In a depopulated village in the moutain region of Kochi in Japan, Kikuma Watanabe designed a movable shrine made of steel pipes wood and polycarbonate panels.