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Villa Drei Birken

Plasma studio designed Villa Drei Birken in Sesto, Italy: a residence with six spacious holiday apartments directed to the sun, with panoramic view of the Dolomites.




Time witness

The photographer Stefano Barattini captured the Italian abandoned historic residencies bringing back their dramatic beauty.


Photo-essays / Stefano Barattini

Armstrong Av. Residence

The Los Angeles Design Group has recently completed a residential renovation in Los Angeles, which draws inspiration from the iconic stepped form of Marcel Breuer’s former Whitney Museum.





The show at Palazzo Clerici includes 46 talismans created for the occasion by 46 designers, who have all been actively involved in the IN Residence project. #MDW2017




Residence VDB

On the quiet banks of the river Leie, Ghent, Flemish studio Govaert & Vanhoutte Architects designed a single family house for an oldtimer enthusiast, bringing back a luxurious and leisure Mid-Century style.



Stanford residencies

Wide courtyards with palm trees, fountains and art pieces are the core of the new Stanford University’s residential building, designed by Mexican firm Legorreta.