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House in La Tallada

Barcelona-based studio Arquitectura-G renewed a house in Girona, whose main facade shows through a large vertical gap the vertical sequence of spaces that are stacked inside the building.




New boundaries for TheSize

Neolith® Nero Marquina by TheSize has won the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017 in the Materials and Surfaces category.



Niamey 2000

Realised by united4design in Niamey, Niger, this brick housing building increases density and strives to address more than the need for culturally appropriate housing.




The Tea House

Christopher Jenner presents Yixing, a new collection of contemporary ceramic homeware, made using famous ancient Chienese techniques. #MDW2017




Paracas Museum

The archeological museum by Barclay & Crousse in Perù features open spaces that frame portions of the landscape and create the necessary privacy to live in the vast desert.



Puppet theatre

Mixing contemporary architecure and fairytale castles, Belgian architect Paul Robbrechet used the proportions of Louis Khan in the design of a puppet theatre for children.