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An Architecture Office

White Arkitekter have established An Architecture Office as a base from which to work but also to engage the citizens of Kiruna in the process of relocating the city.




Pedrita: Pato Mudo

The Portuguese design studio presents a new panel installation which uses tiles as pixels, allowing a double reading of textures and motifs: each of the 559 tiles was selected from discontinued production lines.



Jürgen Mayer H. Architects: Schlump ONE

The German studio's most recent project renovates a 1950s administrative building, completely redesigning the façade to form a single, organic unit freely interpreting the original building's linear design.




A swimming pool at Yuendumu

In Australia's Northern Territory, building in the central desert poses several challenges, from the harsh climate to working with indigenous communities. Brendan J. Meney, who has been working on design projects with indigenous Australians for over 15 years, speaks to Domus about methods, outcomes and aesthetics in his work.


Interviews / Philippa Nicole Barr


Parckdesign 2012: Garden

The most recent edition of the biennial dedicated to public space planning invited designers to stage interventions in more than ten abandoned and disused spaces around the peripheries of the Belgian capital.


Architecture / Philippa Nicole Barr

Conservation, recycling and cultural regeneration

With the workshop "Let's build the literary café together", cultural centre MACAO and Parisian collective EXYZT experimented with new forms of horizontal participatory design.


Architecture / Cristina Fiordimela