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Atlas of Padania Classics

Filippo Minelli’s hefty book, illustrating a research conducted by the artist since 2010, focuses on blots on the Italian landscape and reminds us that Padania – the Po valley area – really has very little that is positive to teach us.


Reviews / Daniele Belleri


Mediating between publics

Maurice Carlin’s latest project Performance Publishing is a site-specific piece exploring the space between print, place and performance by examining the artist’s process of making.


Art / Danielle Rago

Il sublime al tempo del contemporaneo

The new Vittorio Gregotti's book, published in Italy by Einaudi, recalls his thirty-year long discourse on architecture.


Reviews / Emanuele Piccardo


DIY Magazines

Today's "editorial" apps allow everyone to construct publications as they please, but their minimalist architecture is characterised by a dualism in the design of layouts — in favour of either text or image. Alexandra Lange examines this trend and the types of users.


Design / Alexandra Lange


The Little Book of Kabul

There's still a week left to contribute to this crowdfunded book project by Lorenzo Tugnoli and Francesca Recchia: a collection of photos and words, visual and textual snapshots aiming to tell the story of the Afghan capital from a different perspective.



Theaster Gates: the artist as activator

The multifaceted artist, curator, musician, urban planner, sculptor, and social mediator reveals how the work of cultural space making is at the root of his belief and artistic practice.


Interviews / Martina Angelotti