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Green space in Badalona

The purpose of the project by peris+toral.arquitectes is to reorganise a green space in the town of Badalona, Spain, as well as to address the interurban scale.




New life

With this 1200 sqm intervention in Segovia, the Madrid-based art collective Boa Mistura represented some of the most iconic elements of San Millán neighborhood.



A dancing machine

Changing the perception of the place, estonoesunsolar conceived a “dancing machine” in Zaragoza to change, through music, the behavioral dynamics of children at recess time.




Domestic Landscape 2.0

The sprawling intervention by Didier Faustino in Vienna develops from a grid based on the form of a chair, which is multiplied as a matrix and then extended throughout the space.




Augmented Brickwork

Designed by Civic architects, The Willem II-passage is a new public space, that connects the historical inner-city of Tilburg, The Netherlands, with a railway redevelopment area.



Napoli-Afragola station

Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, the new train station Napoli-Afragola is a building in the form of a bridge whose geometric shape is based on passenger flow.