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New life

With this 1200 sqm intervention in Segovia, the Madrid-based art collective Boa Mistura represented some of the most iconic elements of San Millán neighborhood.




95 Horatio Street

In New York, a new Do Ho Suh’s site-specific work visually reconnects the building facade of 95 Horatio Street with the elevated railway that once occupied the neighborhood.



Connective Project

Prospect Park in New York hosted a temporary installation made of 7,000 pinwheels made of biodegradable stone-dust paper, part of a public participation program.




Here After

Designers and artists Craig & Karl have playfully revived a derelict petrol station in London’s White City, with a a public and visually arresting art installation.




Open House

Los Angeles based artist Liz Glynn reinterprets the Whitney Ballroom – one of the grandest NY Fifth Avenue interior spaces – displacing outdoor concrete furniture next to Central Park.




The book edited by Samuel Bianchini and Erik Verhagen marks the centrality of relational practices in art, whose roots can be traced back to the 60s, and underlines how the most recent artistic practices aim to create a new and direct relationship with the public.


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