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Part of the “A Cielo Aperto” project, the workshop held by Maurizio Montagna in Latronico, Italy, made an attempt to debunk the concept of “documentary” photography.


Photo-essays / Maurizio Montagna



While the US is facing super hurricanes, the work of young photographer Virginia Hanusik addresses the rapid coastal erosion of Southeast Louisiana, leading to a gradual environmental degradation.



Spying on Moscow

Shoot with a drone, the series by Russian photographer Denis Esakov recounts Moscow’s buildings with the view that only architects have with their models: the Fifth Facade.


Photo-essays / Denis Esakov


Á means river

Luca Arena has depcicted Iceland through the traces of the human presence which in the big island is significantly surpassed by the strenght of the nature.




Elad Lassry

Investigating the nature of perception with a focus on the photographic image within the digital era, Elad Lassry’s exhibition in Vancouver includes more than 70 works.




Stages, the project by Jannike Stelling shows an artistic Cape Town overview, with images characterised by graphic surfaces, shapes and surreal environments.


Photo-essays / Jannike Stelling