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The narcissist city

At the Viasaterna gallery in Milan, the show presents an appraisal of the work of photographer Takashi Homma, operating on the international scene since the early 1990s.




Magnum’s Italy

To celebrate the seventieth anniversary of Magnum Photos, CAMERA – Centro Italiano per la Fotografia presents more than twenty photographers and their vision of Italy.



Identity Flows

The exhibition at the Triennale di Milano shows the projects of the 16 young photographers involved in Urban Layers and coming from all over the world.




Boots on the ground

The young photographer Kani Marouf went to Kurdistan, her homecountry, where she found everyday life stuck in between borders of radicalism, war and suppression.


Photo-essays / Kani Marouf


Pieter Hugo

On displey at Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Pieter Hugo’s socio-cultural portraits record the visible traces and scars of lived biography as well as lived-through national history.



Lessons of a City

An exhibition at Planar Gallery in Bari narrates the city of Amman and its master plans, the vision of the city and its relation with the geopolitical history of the Arab countries.