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Behind the scenes

In his latest instalment, Alastair Philip Wiper takes us inside Wooltex in Huddersfield, the textile mill of textile manufacturer Kvadrat, finding out the unintentional beauty in the infrastructure.




Gotham City

Neither a journalist nor a story teller, Luca Campigotto is a scene shaper. His haunting images of New York couple the camera’s forensic gaze with a decidedly romantic sensibility, creating photographs in which the present and the past, desire and nostalgia coexist.


Photo-essays / Luca Campigotto

Collateral Landscape

Milan-based architect and photographer Antonio Ottomanelli maps the forces unleashed following the events of September 11, 2001, which cast distant realities — Kabul, Baghdad, Sadr City, Herat, Dokan, New York City, Gaza — into a "state of entanglement".


Photo-essays / Antonio Ottomanelli


A city in waiting

Young photographer Giovanni Hänninen documents the contemporary abandoned spaces in the city of Milan. In Alberto Amoretti's words, this is "a dormant city, huddled between the tower blocks and grand buildings of a metropolis that starves for more land".


Photo-essays / Giovanni Hänninen


Biology of the inorganic

Carlo D'Orta is described by Gianluca Marziani as a "biologist" of the contemporary landscape, an under-the-skin researcher who digs underneath the first layer of urban appearance.


Photo-essays / Carlo D'Orta

Iwan Baan: The Way We Live

Rather than falling into the National Geographic school of documentary or educational style photography, Baan's collection, on display at the Perry Rubenstein Gallery, suggests a kind of introspection or blatant subjectivity.


Architecture / Katya Tylevich