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The party was yesterday

Mario García Torres recovers the memory of the 60s’ Dynamic Museum, where artists took over some unconventional houses by Manuel Larrosa in Mexico City.




Xmas at Museion

Swiss artist John Armleder is lighting up Christmas with a light performance and projections on the Museion facade in Bolzano, Italy.




In this second iteration of body-influenced design by Jessica Smarsch, worn sensors translate muscle use into costumes shapes and textile effects.




Ragnar Kjartansson

On show at Luhring Augustine galleries, Kjartansson approaches his painting practice as performance, likening his films to paintings, and his performances to sculpture.




Dead Red Roses

Luzinterruptus protests against the political corruption that has changed the original nature of Spain’s socialist party, and organizes a metaphorical funeral.



Die Hamletmaschine

Galleria Fumagalli presents the video of the performance that celebrated the 20th anniversary of Heiner Müller’s death, by J. Kounellis and T. Terzopoulos.