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Casa Techo

Being Colombia a country with some of the highest internal migration, Sebastian Contreras Rodriguez created an emergency shelter that functions both as a roof and a house.







Just like a circus, Matali Crasset was called to designed the temporary structure for MuMo, a mobile museum for kids that brings contemporary art to rural areas.



3 Living Units

During Milan Design Week, three architectural structures popped up right behind the Sforza Castle, offering visitors beautiful and original views of the surroundings.




Aberrant Architecture: Roaming Market

London-based studio Aberrant Architecture has created a mobile structure for the Lower Marsh Market in Waterloo, inspired by forgotten sixteenth century English market structures.




A Mobile Cinema in Chinatown

In their latest project, architecture collective Parasite 2.0 generates a point of convergence for Paolo Sarpi's distinct ethnic groups, whose film cultures share a highly developed aesthetic iconology.


Architecture / Tamar Shafrir

Reading Around

On board a Freightliner M2 20K lorry, a mobile library devised by Alumnos47 and PRODUCTORA uses whatever changes it finds in the city to create its stage, turning imagination into collective memory.


Architecture / María García Holley