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Insect Farm

Terreform ONE designed a parametric and modular shelter for cricket farming, in order to provide insect-food supplies in case of emergencies and post-disaster scenarios.




Design Miami 2012

With 25% more galleries involved, and in the most sensible selection ever, director Marianne Goebl continues to take a modern approach to an increasingly ambitious fair, enriched with interesting open talks and on-site design projects.


Design / Maria Cristina Didero

Design and biology: a unified laboratory

Educator and architect Maria Aiolova explains how architecture and planning in the future is likely to be practiced in a studio-laboratory hybrid like the one she's created.


Interviews / William Myers


Contested Mobility, Future Cities, and Public Light

At the recent Festival of Ideas for the New City, an account of its major events, DrawThinkTank: Emerging Territories of Movement, Audi Urban Futures Initiative, and Flash:Light.


Architecture / Gideon Fink Shapiro