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A life extraordinary

In a 1,700 sqm space in Milan, Moooi explored the world of hospitality, luxury and interiors, inviting the visitors to “come closer” to an opulent, extraordinary life. #MDW2017


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Interviews with designers

Portrayed by Domus, twelve designers talk about their job’s “behind the scenes”.



An exhibition beneath the railway

Thanks to Ventura Centrale, the Magazzini Raccordati welcomed the evocative installations by Maarten Baas, Lee Broom, Luca Nichetto and Ben Gohram. #MDW2017


News / La redazione di Domus


Mix it Up

PepsiCo presents an exhibition and at the same time an incubator for innovation, with an immersive installation that invites attendees to explore and interact. #MDW2017




Luca Nichetto

From his magnificent installation for Salviati – 53 totem poles and 20,000 sheets of glass – in Ventura Centrale to his design for Moooi, which uses strips of fabric as sofa upholstery, Luca Nichetto tells us about his designs for #MDW2017.


Interviews / Domitilla Dardi

Upcycle: Phoenix chair

In antique mythology Phoenix was the bird that kept on rising from its own ashes, the same way Luca Nichetto imagines a chair for Offecct that always reinvents itself.