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Cesare Leonardi

Villa Croce in Genoa, Italy, presents an exhibition on the work of architect and photographer Cesare Leonardi, focusing on three main themes: trees, chairs and shadows.



Domus 1000 on newsstands

Guest-edited by Fulvio Irace, with a graphic design by Italo Lupi, Domus Mille is a team effort by its nine editors since 1979 and features Beppe Finessi’s100 iconic designs. The free supplement on the history of the Triennale exhibitions since 1923 was edited by Marco Romanelli and Manolo De Giorgi.




Joseph Grima

Creative, idealistic and “globetrotting” Domus editor from 2011 to 2013, for the #domus1000 launch, Joseph Grima has chosen projects that tell a story and stimulate their users’ imagination.




Zak Group designs Chicago

Zak Group worked on the visual identity of the Chicago Biennial using the form of the grid, emblematic of both the urban plan of Chicago and the practice of architecture itself.



Chicago Biennial

The city tries to overcome its social and economic problems proposing itself as a laboratory of architectural research with the first Biennial of Architecture.