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Best of 2016 #interview

The interviews we selected among the 2016 ones range from projects to visions: they all demonstrate the interviewees passion.




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Tomorrow’s world today

Are we sure that the values upon which we are building the future of the Western world are indeed the best? In his latest book, John Thackara describes the pieces of a puzzle that will soon come together, leading to a radical “paradigm change”.


Reviews / Stefania Garassini


Practical vistas

John Thackara, a philosopher, writer and wide-ranging thinker, summarises the decisive contribution by design that gives practical form to a story, always in the service of the real needs of the people.


Interviews / Stefania Garassini


John Thackara's Xskool

Frustrated by the slow pace of change in design schools, Doors of Perception founder John Thackara is launching a new venture. Nicola Twilley caught up with Thackara by telephone to find out more.


Interviews / Nicola Twilley

Sustainable mobility #1: think more, move less

What's in store for the future of individual mobility? Text by John Thackara