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Veranda on the roof

Studio Course realised a veranda on the roof of a 12 storey building in Pune, India, using natural materials which span inside and outside.




Hurricane restaurant

Reflecting Portuguese traditions, the interior design by Luchetti Krelle in Narellan, Australia, adopts white painted concrete, arches and terracotta tiles.



Aribau apartment

YLAB Arquitectos renovated an apartment in Barcelona for a client that wanted a holiday house with traditonal finishes, such as hydraulic tile flooring and moldings.




Hokkaido Dairy Farm

To renovate the Hokkaido Dairy Farm restaruant in Hong Kong, Atelier E represented it as an abstract mesh of wooden timbers, strip lights, white as milk and blu as the skies.




House Z22

Conceiving a new typology of promenade architecturale, Gus Wüstemann Architects has renovated a multi-family house in Zurich with free-flowing spaces along the natural stone walls.



Nacrée restaurant

The main feature of this restaurant designed by Kengo Kuma in Miyagi, Japan, are the suspended flowers, arranged in cylinders made of wooden bar and acrylic.