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Ars Electronica Prize

The winners of this year’s Ars Electronica Prize challenge perceptions, perspectives, digital obsessions bringing to the surface hidden worlds and social issues.




Digital dinner

TeamLab designed a multy-sensory installation for the Sagaya restaurant in Tokyo, where to experience seasonal food, in an immersive and interactive environment.



The Ethnic Filter

New York-based artist and designer Ekene Ijeoma puts viewers face to face with the lack of diversity in design through his new project, The Ethnic Filter.




Sarotis Project

By combining soft robotic prosthesis with 3D vision systems, space can be perceived through wearable robotics, with many possible applications that include assisting the blind. Check Interactive Architecture Lab’s latest project on how may our bodies change in the future.




Digital Universe

TeamLab presents a large scale performance in Tokyo, with digital installations that interact with visitors in real time, changing shapes and figures.



Tinker for Nestlé

For Nestlé’s 150 years, Utrecht based studio Tinker Imagineers designed an interactive exhibition space in the old industrial heritage site, near Lake Geneva.