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Ars Electronica Prize

The winners of this year’s Ars Electronica Prize challenge perceptions, perspectives, digital obsessions bringing to the surface hidden worlds and social issues.




Pae White: Qwalala

In the installation at Le Stanze del Vetro, in Venice, every hand-cast brick is unique, owing much to chance and variation inherent in the manufacturing process. #BiennaleArte2017



Tresoldi: Archetipo

Edoardo Tresoldi and Designlab Experience envisioned in Abu Dhabi a garden where architecture and nature dance together in continuous connections and contrasts.




The House of Life

The installation by Hadassa Goldvicht, explores themes of historical memory, the threshold between life and death, and the changing nature of Venice. #BiennaleArte2017





Shezad Dawood’s exhibition in Venice is a reflection on where we could be if a deeper understanding of trauma and climate erosion is not found. #BiennaleArte2017



Sun Stand Still

Gal Weinstein’s molds for the Israeli pavilion at the Venice Art Biennale is a new, site-specific installation which explores the human desire to stop time. #BiennaleArte2017