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Graphic Design in the Neo-Pop Era

Together, these two books form an "essential duo", a formidable compass to gain our bearings in the complex system of contemporary communication and forge a critical path.


Reviews / Roberto Zancan


An interview with Nicholas Felton

Accompanying our review of Facebook Timeline, Domus interviews lead designer Nicholas Felton about filtering the noise of social media and mirroring personal memory. Features exclusive early sketches of Timeline.


Interviews / Dan Hill

In praise of lost time

Facebook Timeline is an exemplary bit of interaction design that does little to advance the timeline formally. Yet it might alter the nature of human memory itself.


Design / Dan Hill


Best of the Week

From the story behind the making of CERN's Large Hadron Collider to a giant sphere covered in fabric, a look at this week's best.




The importance of being axonometric

With digitalised data and processes making transmission of knowledge increasingly abstract and intangible, information design has become crucially urgent — Michael Stoll, a university teacher and collector, explains the principles and scale of this discipline.


Interviews / Marco Ferrari Elisa Pasqual

States of Design 01: Visualization

In a new series, the design curator of MoMA reflects on the status of central design disciplines today. The first installment reflects on the currency of visualization design.


Design / Paola Antonelli