Search - Domus


Portuguese artist Barato uses Google Search, more precisely the search for images, to create digital minimalist paintings, and shows the compositions in posters and billboards.




No choice no more

The way in which most of our software and hardware products function is based on a steady corrosion of our ability to choose.


Op-ed / Stefania Garassini

Pokémon Go

Some thoughts on the app that has outshone Twitter and WhatsApp in just ten days and, by creating a parallel geography of urban space, prompts users to view reality through different eye.


Design / Stefania Garassini


Google Campus Madrid

Jump Studios restored a nineteenth-century factory delivering a juxtaposition between the old and the new and a functional and flexible working space.




Best of #graphics

One of the main topic on the web this week was the new Google logo. We chose ten graphic design projects that deserve as much attention.



Google’s new logo

Google changes its logo and comes with a lightened visual identity designed according to the smaller screens such as tablets, phones and watches.