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Eyal Weizman

The fifth event in the “Meeting Architecture, FRAGMENTS” series curated by Marina Engel at the British School at Rome is with Eyal Weizman’s lecture.




Meeting Architecture III

The third edition of the series of meetings and exhibitions organised by the British School in Rome continues to create a dialogue between architecture and other art forms. Curator Marina Engel gives Domus a preview of this year’s programme.


Architecture / Beatrice Zamponi

Drone Strikes

White Hole presents a Forensic Architecture’s case study that analyses a rare video, smuggled out of North Waziristan, in order to reconstruct the space of the drone strike.




Rebel Architecture

Al Jazeera English series ‘Rebel Architecture’ depicts, in six episodes, the architects’ work around the world shunning the glamour of ‘starchitecture’ and using design to tackle the world’s urban, environmental and social crises.




Best of #books

This week Domusweb offers a selection of books that address different issues, including the Palestinian question, starting from the designer’s point of view.



Critical Proximity

Through a series of entangled instances of history and architecture in Palestine, the book edited by Petti, Hilal and Weizman asks the question: “what is decolonization today?”


Reviews / Nick Axel