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Åzone Futures Market

Designed by Studio Folder the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum’s first online exhibition, invites audiences to learn about and take a position on technology-enabled futures.




E-info Age Bookmix

On 17 and 18 September, Milan's MiTo International Music Festival welcomes The Masses — Adam Michaels, Daniel Perlin, Jeffrey Schnapp — and the world premiere of The E-info Age Bookmix.



Domus Mixtape #12: The Sound of Rio de Janeiro

Rio is a devouring city, a music regurgitating new forms. Its unifying force is its inability to be nailed down, to be articulated — it must be heard, consumed and regurgitated to perform its invasive power.


Specials / Daniel Perlin VS. DJ N-RON


Domus Mixtape #11: The Sound of Beijing

With an underground cultural scene in full ferment, Beijing's mutating cityscape can only be matched by its shifting musical climate.


Specials / Matthew Niederhauser + Zhang Shouwang


Domus Mixtape #10: The Sound of Tel Aviv

The background noise of the streets of Tel Aviv is transformed, little by little, into one clear and distinct voice: that of hundreds of thousands of people walking back home.


Specials / Erez Ella + Nadav Lazar

Domus Mixtape #9: The Sound of Las Vegas

A binaural immersion into the environments of winning, and losing, in the gambling-as-spectacle capital of the world.


Specials / Noah Sheldon