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SuperNormal: Google Glass

The expert in art and technology Hannah Gregory introduces us to the world of Google Glass, reflecting on the augmented vision enabled by this eyewear and the implications for our surveillance society.


Design / Hannah Gregory


The role of institutions

On 12 March 2013, Dan Hill, Wouter Vanstiphout and Jeremy Till discuss the modern architectural institution at the Black Maria: the Institutionalised event will be moderated by Blueprint's Shumi Bose.



The question concerning technology

The one theme that united all participants of the 2012 Urban Age Electric Cities conference was change: engaging with issues of scale, trust and optimisation of technology in urban environments, the event's format instigated new ideas.


Architecture / Philippa Nicole Barr


The Future of Fabrica

The Benetton Group's communications research centre enters a new stage and focuses on internationalisation, appointing Alessandro Benetton as chairman and Dan Hill as managing director.



Open Source Architecture (OSArc)

A proposition for a different approach to designing space to succeed the single-author model includes tools from disparate sources to create new paradigms for thinking and building.