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RPBW: Centro Botín

Designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop in Santander, Centro Botín sits elevated, half on land and half over the water, and allows an unimpeded view of the bay.




Atelier Bagnoli

Toti Semerano designed for artist Marco Bagnoli an atelier and cultural centre near Florence, which has the potential to evolve gradually over time into a more complex organism.




Italian NGO Made in Earth coinceived a building in Tiruvannamalai, India, as a semitransparent wall, a kind of curly ribbon changing its curvature and height.




Kapor Center

Fougeron Architecture’s renovation of an office building in Oakland blends high-tech and humanism, featuring open spaces that encourage collaboration and camaraderie, as well as flexibility.




Dirty White Cube

Rotor has renovated a cultural centre in Brussels, in which the old and the new are confused forming an organic project that sways between domestic and theatrical.



Modern Music Centre

Designed by Hérault Arnod Architectes in Évreux, France, this music centre features a central public space called “the deck” that crosses the whole building and distributes the different functions.