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Kayak Club

Designed by Inessa Hansch architect in Caen, the Kayak Club invites passers-by into the interior through its transparency and fosters the appropriation of the place.




Works 44-52 Live

“Works 44 – 52 Live” attempts to break down barriers caused by Australia’s isolated location by presenting a gallery via the internet, allowing for a broader audience to attend.



Vase Lamp

Basque designer Martin Azúa presented a series of porcelain vases and lamps that play with their own definition by changing function.




MVRDV: The Couch

MVRDV’s new project for this tennis club with a viewing platform on the rooftop works as a central gathering, a “urban living room”, for IJburg, a new residential district in the east of Amsterdam built on six artificial islands.




Stone Clubhouse

Four volumes shaped like rocks around a common plaza host the golf club designed by Gras Arquitectos in the natural landscape of the Balearic Island.



Metaphysical Club

Domus Academy launches a new way of conceiving knowledge production in creative schools inspired by the art of conversation where scientists debate crucial issues.