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Domestic Landscape 2.0

The sprawling intervention by Didier Faustino in Wien develops from a grid based on the form of a chair, which is multiplied as a matrix and then extended throughout the space.




La Vague

Designed by Arcadia Studio in Montreal, La Vague (the wave) is made of 74 wooden frames that rotate in three degree intervals, suggesting the motion of a wave.




The square by Dmau and Openfabric in Amsterdam is based upon the original neighbourhood grid, which is made visual and tangible through white marking lines.




New Blue Bottle

A new Blue Bottle Coffee opened in the San Francisco Bay Area within an old brick building. The new interiors have been designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson to interact with the street.





Designed by Triptyque Arquitecture in São Paulo, the housing complex features blue and white azulejos, a tribute to the artist Athos Bulcão, which cover all internal facades.



Maneki cozy spot

Design studios Rainville-Sangaré and Studio Beau reinterpreted some pop features of Asian culture for the interiors of the Maneki Comptoir Asiat’ restaurant in Montréal.