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Archives de Bordeaux

A former warehouse has been transformed by Robbrecht en Daem architecten into the municipal archives of Bordeaux, forming the first link with the future eco-district of Bastide-Niel.




Digging the Archive #2

The second episode of Digging the Archive is dedicated to Enzo Mari, “the conscience of design”... Read it for free until December 29.


From the archive

The cathedrals of energy

The exhibition curated by photographer Francesco Radino in Milan describes the energy buildings and places all over Italy, from the beginning of the last century.




Digging the Archive

Don’t miss our monthly special, Digging the Archive that each month gives you free access for a limited time to the secret rooms of the Domus Archives.




Thinking in Models

“Frei Otto. Thinking in models” encompasses over 200 models, approximately 1,000 photos, drawings, sketches, plans and films as well as a large-scale media projection.



Living in a Loft

A series of photographs from Domus archive, showing Marco Zanuso’s house in Milan: the attic of an old building in Milan, facing the Sforzesco Castle.


From the archive