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Fragile Lands

Gerry Judah meticulously composes architectural representations of sites that have become metonymic of past and present conflict, before physically smashing them.




Balloons and render ghosts

Long before buildings become physical entities, they enter the world as images — yet the messages implicit in these visualisations are rarely interrogated or decoded. James Bridle ventures into that realm of unachievable hyperreality that is architectural rendering.


Architecture / James Bridle

Model architecture

Two recent books take a closer look at the various methods and possibilities of contemporary model-making and its history throughout the 20th century.


Reviews / Andres Lepik


Nilsson Pflugfelder: Verbandkammer

The London-based architects have designed a dense, geometric, multi-tasking structure for the FLACC, collapsing cultural production, workplace, residency, archive, and administration in one single space.


Interviews / Matt Shaw


New York Cityvision competition winners

Through conceptual mash-ups or stark utopias, the winning projects of the CityVision competition consider the city's past and present, imagining diverse futures for New York.



Citizens of No Place

A new architectural graphic novel by Jimenez Lai is a highly refined, robust blend of design criticism, cutting-edge theory, and masterful representation.


Reviews / Matt Shaw