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A Wunderkammer for Collectors

Some considerations on the future of design after the whirlwind of Miart and the Salone. How are roles, channels and interactions being redefined in a complex and increasingly articulated chain of production and consumption?  


Art / Raffaella Poletti


White Stripes

Renewed by Genoa-based studio Gosplan in Camogli, the apartment is arranged around a large living space with two windows open towards the horizon.



Hu House

Designed by HAO in Kaohsiung city, Taiwan, the apartment features the simple and plain texture of pinewood, harmonious green colors and the bright atmosphere of white painted walls.




Apartment in Binh Thanh

The house by Sanuki Daisuke architects in Oh Chi Minh City features organically connected outside spaces, providing fresh air-circulation and deep day lighting penetration.




Magic Box

Hypnos Studio renovated an old apartment located in a building from the Thirties in Milan, keeping its decoration elements and changing the functional layout. 




FuGa_ Officina dell’Architettura completed a domestic interior in Milan with reduced spaces, designed on different levels, revolving around the everyday living.