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Best of #May

Venice Art Biennale, ethereal installations in Abu Dhabi, exhibition spaces carved into vineyards.
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Viva Arte Viva

While the exhibition curated by Christine Macel includes many new names, the overall result is somewhat ordinary: it seems to offer less than the enthusiastic title promises and fails to generate anything new. #BiennaleArte2017


Art / Gabi Scardi


The mountain

The Egyptian pavilion at the Biennale Arte 2017 in Venice features Moataz Nasr’s video fable. Shot in a village in the Egyptian countryside, it tells of the fear that inhibits action, an experience common to humanity. #BiennaleArte2017


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Life in the folds

The composite work of Carlos Amorales mixes print, sculpture and cinema to give shape to an installation of great formal rigour, which comes to life thanks to music. #BiennaleArte2017


Art / Gabi Scardi

Speak Robert

“Speak Robert” is a journey into British history and global trade, narrated by London-based artist Laura Malacart at The Artists’ Pavilion during the Biennale Arte 2017. #BiennaleArte2017


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