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Best of #Archive

From Domus’ archive, a selection of projects and writings published over the years by the magazine, which tell the history of architecture, design and art.




The Solar Strand

In the interview with Robert G. Shibley, Domus investigates the process behind The Solar Strand, an innovative project signed by Walter Hood for the University at Buffalo campus.


Interviews / Alessandra Scognamiglio

Best of the Week

From an installation tackling surveillance cameras in the centre of Madrid to the work of radical architecture's most ironic and explosive ensemble, here are this week's best stories.




UFO Story

Stefano Pezzato's exhibition at the Centro Pecci turns its attention to radical architecture's most ironic and explosive ensemble: the UFO group, founded in Florence in 1967.


Architecture / Emanuele Piccardo


Design Miami 2012

With 25% more galleries involved, and in the most sensible selection ever, director Marianne Goebl continues to take a modern approach to an increasingly ambitious fair, enriched with interesting open talks and on-site design projects.


Design / Maria Cristina Didero

The physical language of Vito Acconci

In 1972, Germano Celant presented the work of Vito Acconci — recently named Designer of the Year by Design Miami — as a set of experiences where "the slang of the body" became the only way in which to escape from the dictatorship of the language of books.


From the archive / Germano Celant