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Studio Gil: ToyBox

Presented at the recent Ten Plus One exhibition at The Gopher Hole, the ToyBox is a portable installation and an interaction device for young children.




Angola, a kingdom

At the Gopher Hole, a new pop-up show by Paulo Moreira presents an investigation on the Angolan territory of Luanda shown through artefacts, research and interviews.



Project Heracles: where the EURO meets the AFRO

Bjarke Ingels/BIG contributes designs for new EU and African currencies for an exhibition of proposals for a Eurafrican Bridge at London's The Gopher Hole.




Domus Mixtape Live #6

A special Mixtape live set uncovers the globalized infrastructure of London's sound




Post Works: drawn towards performance

Founders Melissa Appleton and Matthew Butcher tell their predisposition to pursue a less conventional practice.


Architecture / Beatrice Galilee

Critical Futures

Watch the live streaming of the debate on the future of architecture criticism organised by Domus in London, today at 6.30 pm (GMT).