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SuperNormal: Google Glass

The expert in art and technology Hannah Gregory introduces us to the world of Google Glass, reflecting on the augmented vision enabled by this eyewear and the implications for our surveillance society.


Design / Hannah Gregory

Domus 971 July-August 2013

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In this issue Domus travels to Japan and Spain and then Turkey; visits micro-scale interventions in Portugal and rediscovers uthopic architecture at the bottom of the Mediterranean. Analyses Google Glass and interviews the author of the first 3D printed pistol.


News / Delfino Sisto Legnani


Domus 969 May 2013

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Under the bonnet of the Internet

“Chrome Web Lab”, an interactive exhibit at the London Science Museum, presents the invisible fabric of the Internet as embodied in the world. Rory Hyde spoke to its creators, and discovers a version of where the Web may be headed next.


Design / Rory Hyde