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DIY Magazines

Today's "editorial" apps allow everyone to construct publications as they please, but their minimalist architecture is characterised by a dualism in the design of layouts — in favour of either text or image. Alexandra Lange examines this trend and the types of users.


Design / Alexandra Lange


Little Printer: A portrait in the nude

The product of over five years of applied research and development at London-based firm BERG, Little Printer is a product of now, exemplifying how physical and digital have merged to become one. Domus talked to BERG principal Jack Schulze to unpick the design process as much as the product.


Design / Dan Hill

Fitness by design

Can data heal? Yes, argues Dan Hon, whose type 2 diabetes spurred him to embrace "personal informatics" devices such as the Nike FuelBand and the Fitbit. Yet as such devices become a part of everyday life, a new challenge emerges: the Balkanisation of health data across multiple platforms.


Design / Dan Hon


From books to infrastructure

Most people think of Amazon as little more than an online bookstore, but it could be one of the defining forces of 21st–century life—an algorithmically managed infrastructure company that has single–handedly rewritten the publishing industry's rulebook.


Design / James Bridle


Goodbye Sori Yanagi

Jasper Morrison remembers the famous Japanese designer as a key figure in the reconciliation among craft and industry.


Design / Jasper Morrison