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Best of July

Criminal courts, serene piers, fat houses. Discover here July’s top stories.




Lagos bankruptcy?

Reflecting on why project economies and other pragmatic advances in Africa often appear to the world as chaos, starting from Nigeria capital city Lagos.  


Op-ed / Domus Africa Study Centre

Rock the catwalk

In his latest collaboration with fashion brand United Nude, Issey Miyake creates Rock, a colourful shoe collection developed around the concept of structure.




Tomas Koolhaas: REM

Tomas Koolhaas premieres REM at 73rd Venice Film Festival. The movie explores the built environment and includes a deeply human journey on the way we live together.




Best of #June

Alternative graveyards, fluid pavilions, Middle East architecture: discover here June’s top stories.



Change of climate

The fourth congress of the Fundación Arquitectura y Sociedad address the “change of climate” in architecture, which is deeply transforming due to climate urgencies.