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Chromo Skopje

A photographer and a video maker documented the “colored” result of the protests that for three months shaked the Macedonian capital changing the face of the new, detested, monuments.




A report from Gezi Park

Following the brutal dispersion and attacks on protesters occupying Gezi Park, Domus publishes an account of the events by sociologist and professor Pelin Tan, with pictures by activist Eunseon Park.


Architecture / Pelin Tan

Tweets and the streets

In under 200 pages, a book leads even complete novices through an original discussion of the relationship between the Egyptian revolution and social media.


Reviews / Francesca Sironi


The Disobedience Archive

Taking over Turin's Castello di Rivoli, the first Italian venue of the "Disobedience Archive", curated by Marco Scotini, is a contingent archive that expresses itself in the “here and now” of the exhibition.


Art / Martina Angelotti


There are other worlds

Faced with pessimistic views of our future, these two books can be considered a new attempt to understand the role of architecture as a means to build new models of living.


Reviews / Ethel Baraona Pohl

UFO Story

Stefano Pezzato's exhibition at the Centro Pecci turns its attention to radical architecture's most ironic and explosive ensemble: the UFO group, founded in Florence in 1967.


Architecture / Emanuele Piccardo