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Connective Project

Prospect Park in New York hosted a temporary installation made of 7,000 pinwheels made of biodegradable stone-dust paper, part of a public participation program.




Hansel & Gretel

Park Avenue Armory in New York unveiled a site-specific, immersive, interactive installation by Jacques Herzog, Pierre de Meuron, and Ai Weiwei.



Paris Haussmann

Presented as a contemporary territorial “retroatlas”, the “Paris Haussmann” exhibition catalogue is a work generous in its reconsideration of the city, which reopens the debate on the current effects of Haussmann’s ideas. #fridayreads


Reviews / Salvator-John A. Liotta, Fabienne Louyot


The difficult whole

The book published by Park Books presents a rereading of the rise of Robert Venturi expressed in different ways: a written one, with diverse contributions from the editors, and a visual one, with a selection of projects from the studio’s archive.


Reviews / Raffaella Poletti


Park in Sydney

The City of Sydney engaged a multi-disciplinary design team – weaving together design, art, science and ecology – to transform an industrial and landfill area into a park.



Wherever you find people

In 8 chapters, 20 interviews and many photos, this book edited by Aberrant Architecture analyses the history of a Brazilian icon of public architecture: the CIEPs conceived by the architect Oscar Niemeyer.


Reviews / Francesca Esposito