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The difficult whole

The book published by Park Books presents a rereading of the rise of Robert Venturi expressed in different ways: a written one, with diverse contributions from the editors, and a visual one, with a selection of projects from the studio’s archive.


Reviews / Raffaella Poletti


Park in Sydney

The City of Sydney engaged a multi-disciplinary design team – weaving together design, art, science and ecology – to transform an industrial and landfill area into a park.



Wherever you find people

In 8 chapters, 20 interviews and many photos, this book edited by Aberrant Architecture analyses the history of a Brazilian icon of public architecture: the CIEPs conceived by the architect Oscar Niemeyer.


Reviews / Francesca Esposito


Best of #kids

Ten architecture and design projects for children, with a common feature: analogic.




For all homes

The home was a big focus of the Sydney Architecture Festival: from how much space do we need in our homes to temporary housing and off grid affordable solutions.


Architecture / Philippa Nicole Barr

Into the wild

Openfabric and Dmau studio completed an urban park and playground based on the distinction between the build environment and the wild nature, teaching children how to move between the two.