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Fotografia: the present

At the MACRO in Rome, the works selected in the various sections of the fourteenth edition of “Photography. Rome International Festival” offer an exploration into contemporary Italian identity.


Art / Francesca Esposito


Immagini 1978–2014

MAXXI hosts in Rome the first Italian retrospective devoted to Olivo Barbieri: over 100 works from the late 1970s to the present and a new work dedicated to the Adriatic Coast.



The Utopian Impulse: Buckminster Fuller and the Bay Area

An exhibition dusts for evidence of Fuller in the world as we see it today, and points to credible signs that his fingerprints are all over the dynamic concepts and multi-functional aesthetics that drive modern architecture and design.


Architecture / Katya Tylevich


Site specific _ 08 11

At the Menini Gallery in Brescia, Olivio Barbieri presents a series of large-scale photographs framing cities from above, as if they were scale models of re-envisioned realities.




Peripheral Visions

A new exhibition at Hunter College shows Italian post-war photography in context.



MAXXI: a photo story

Twenty photographers describe the realization of the greatest Italian contemporary art museum.