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Dubai: Cities Boutique

At Design Days Dubai 2017 Cities Boutique will present the works of Libanese designer Nada Debs, conceptual designer Stelios Mousarris and Lebanese architect Tarek El Kassouf.




Dubai Art and Design

Amid the glittering stands of gold and crystal objects that seem keen to compete for the most boorish ostentation of wealth, some episodes speak a very different language and centre on women in the white Design Days tent.


Design / Maria Luisa Palumbo

Beirut Design Week 2014

Year after year, the Lebanese capital’s design week showcases the highest levels of applied design, both in terms of product and its background origins.


Design / Maria Cristina Didero


Best of the Week

Mapping thousands of abandoned Albanian bunkers, a pragmatic working machine by Christ & Gantenbein, contemporary Arab identity applied to design by Nada Debs, and a surprising building in the outskirts of Paris: here is this week's best.




Design Days: Design conquers Dubai

The first fair in the Middle East and South Asia for limited edition design presents itself as a forward-thinking event.


Design / Maria Cristina Didero