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Tetsumi Kudo

Andrea Rosen presents the gallery’s third exhibition on the work of Tetsumi Kudo, bringing together a survey of approximately 8 string works and over 20 cages.




Mike Kelley at the Stedelijk

One of the most influential artists of his generation, Kelley's innervations across pop culture and the avant-garde are so transversal and far-reaching that the journey through his 35-year career at the Stedelijk Museum feels like visiting a metropolis such as London or New York.


Art / Nicola Bozzi

A memorial for Mike Kelley

In this spontaneous recreation of Kelley's work, one finds suggestions and fragments of his life and the lives he touched.


Art / Katya Tylevich


Move at Haus der Kunst

Dedicated to the interaction between art and dance since the 1960s, the exhibition collects works that transform the viewer into an active participant.



Postcards from Gwangju

Chris Wiley, assistant curator at the Gwangju Biennale, just sent us some pictures.



Mike Kelley

In Bolzano, Museion opens 2009 with an extensive retrospective dedicated to Mike Kelley (until 19 April).