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Mies + Stirling

The exhibition at the RIBA in London offers a renewed examination of two iconic architectural schemes proposed for the same site in the City of London.




Solid Cedar House

Shigeru Ban Architects conceived this house in Japan as part of an ongoing study on Mies Van der Rohe’s work.



Sticks and Stones

For his installation at the Neue Nationalgalerie, David Chipperfield starts from traditional founding elements: the trunks supporting the artifice of the Vitruvian hut and stone from the ground.


Architecture / Nicola Violano


Monika Sosnowska: Tower

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s 860-880 Lakeshore Drive Apartments from 1951 form the inspiration for Polish artist Monika Sosnowska’s work, Tower, on view at Hauser & Wirth’s 18th Street New York gallery.


Art / Jordan Hruska


The Ghost of Mies

In the third installment of the Critical Spatial Practice book series, Beatriz Colomina narrates an alternative history of modern architecture that doesn’t focus on what was proposed, but instead where, how, and even at times why modern architecture was formulated as a project.


Reviews / Nick Axel

Best of the Week

From the first shared house in Tokyo, by Satoko Shinohara and Ayano Uchimura, to Estudio SIC's projects, introducing new values that are in tune with the real needs of those living in Madrid: here are this week's best stories.