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Michael Graves: Tea Rex

“In bird years, thirty is equivalent to Methuselah’s life span!”. So Graves transformed the iconic bird-shaped singing whistle of the Alessi’s kettle into a jade green dragon.




Michael Graves dies at 80

Michael Graves, one of the most visionary and celebrated American architects, dies in his home in New Jersey on Thursday at the age of 80.



History as contraband

The exhibition at Hamilton Grounds for Sculptures celebrates the 50th anniversary of Graves’ design firm and five decades of visionary work of one of the most celebrated American architects.


Architecture / Matt Shaw


Balloons and render ghosts

Long before buildings become physical entities, they enter the world as images — yet the messages implicit in these visualisations are rarely interrogated or decoded. James Bridle ventures into that realm of unachievable hyperreality that is architectural rendering.


Architecture / James Bridle


La Strada Novissima: The 1980 Venice Biennale

In anticipation of the 13th International Architecture Exhibition Common Ground, we revisit a text by Charles Jencks on The Presence of the Past, the first Venice Architecture Biennale, directed by Paolo Portoghesi.


From the archive / Charles Jencks


Born under a water sign, mutable and a lover of movement, Frank Gehry has been fascinated by the form of fish since childhood.


Specials / Dan Graham,Jessica Russell