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Tree of Ténéré

Studio Drift celebrated its tenth year participating to a collective installation conceived by Zachary Smith at the Burning Man 2017: like the Tree of Ténéré, also this one ‘bloomed’ in the desert.




Designing the nighttime

Smart Everyday Nighttime Design is a collaborative research project focused on innovative ways to improve the nighttime in Getsemaní, a UNESCO world-heritage district in Cartagena, Colombia.



A forest where gods live

teamLab transformed a 500,000-square meter garden in Takeo-city, Japan, into an immersive digital-art labyrinth that changes as it reacts with the visitors.




Kerry Center

Bean Buro designed the new entrance of the Kerry Center, a logistic company in Hong Kong that wanted to give a new impression to visitors, with interactive design and branding.




Cerith Wyn Evans

Welsh artist Cerith Wyn Evans presents a synaesthetic exhibition in Paris, where the visitor is immersed in a multisensory environment that thrills senses and perception.



ReThink Daylight

An itinerant international seminar enables architects to get fully involved in the design of natural light and its relationship with space.


The Velux Special