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Kerry Center

Bean Buro designed the new entrance of the Kerry Center, a logistic company in Hong Kong that wanted to give a new impression to visitors, with interactive design and branding.




Cerith Wyn Evans

Welsh artist Cerith Wyn Evans presents a synaesthetic exhibition in Paris, where the visitor is immersed in a multisensory environment that thrills senses and perception.



ReThink Daylight

An itinerant international seminar enables architects to get fully involved in the design of natural light and its relationship with space.


The Velux Special


Ars Electronica Prize

The winners of this year’s Ars Electronica Prize challenge perceptions, perspectives, digital obsessions bringing to the surface hidden worlds and social issues.




Light Folds

The atelier of a painter in Paris has been updated by WY-TO architects to optimize heating in winter, through a workshop wihin the workshop that echoes the existing canopy.



Viride collection

All in one, Studio Goula Figuera created a lamp series that simultaneously provides ambient light and a structure for indoor plants for environments with poor natural lighting.