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Fish Lamps

Considering the shape of fish a model of “good design”, the Gagosian Gallery in Rome presents an exhibition on Frank Gehry’s animated and dynamic light sculptures. 




Water Lamps

Arturo Erbsman won the 2nd prize at Salone Satellite Award 2014 with Atoms, from the Water Lamps series, that exhibits water as a prime material in different variations of its existence.



Lzf: High Fidelity

Lzf Lamps came to Euroluce 2013 with an unusual project: High Fidelity is an exceptional quartet of music, graphic design, moving graphics and the Spanish brand's 2013 collection lamps.


News / Giulia Guzzini


The New Old Light

Presented at IMM Cologne, Studio Kimu's traditional-style lantern alternates between a soft glow and a direct spotlight: its plain paper and wood shade mixes complex and simple forms, eastern and western styles, old and new aesthetics.




Like Architects: LEDscape

The young Portuguese studio combines cheap, off-the-shelf Ikea components to create a temporary installation, an alternative landscape that becomes a maze of light while demonstrating the potential of LED lighting.



Martinho Pita: Bichos lamps

Portuguese architect Martinho Pita has designed a series of hand-made lamps reusing discarded holly tree branches: each unique item appears animated, as if a fantastical creature frozen in movement.