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Tree of Ténéré

Studio Drift celebrated its tenth year participating to a collective installation conceived by Zachary Smith at the Burning Man 2017: like the Tree of Ténéré, also this one ‘bloomed’ in the desert.




Wentz collection

Brazilian designer Guilherme Wents designed a collection of lamps and tables that seek for geometry, simplicity and high quality manufacturing.



Equilibrio lamp

Italian studio Olive Lab has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to officially launch its Equilibrio lamp, where light is a result of gravity, balance and magnetic attraction.




In the era of minute light

With Laser Blade XS “The Blade” iGuzzini take a new step towards the miniaturisation of light fittings, making available to architects an almost ‘invisible’ device.




Lighted Zebra

Dutch company Lighted Zebra Crossing installed a LED crosswalk that serves as an accident reducer in critical urban areas and in places with poor visibility due to bad weather.



Lace LED

London-based Margot Krasojević Architects designed a Led light that is 3D-printable in an infinite sequence of configurations, using recycled post-consumer plastics.