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Design Week – A report from Iceland

Centred on the theme Play, Design March – the Reykjavík design week – transforms the harsh Icelandic winter into a concentration of energy around virtual reality, self-production and recycling.


Reviews / Maria Cristina Didero


The Belgian affair

Can such a thing as "Belgian design" exist, in a country where the lack of a sharply defined common identity is arguably an identity in itself? The growing influence of a series of events, institutions and design studios suggests that Belgium is enjoying a fruitful phase of creative vitality.


Design / Justin McGuirk

Iceberg dwellings

In the new Aarhus Docklands development area, this housing complex features a curious topography, with a series of "peaks" and "canyons" ensuring that all apartments are supplied with a generous amount of natural lighting and waterfront views.



Know your [archi-]meme

We think we're original, but in reality we are carriers of, and work on, the ideas of others. Luca Silenzi borrows a concept from evolutionary theory to describe the processes involved in the communication and transfer of forms in contemporary architecture.


Op-ed / Luca Silenzi


Problem solving concrete

The story of fibreC, a flexible and durable cladding concrete that meets virtually impossible design demands.


Architecture / Lucia Tozzi