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Nomadic Bookstore

Conceived as an itinerant structure, the pavilion by the students of the AA Museum Lab brings Lars Müller’s fine books to the heart of the urban stage at the very height of #MDW2017.


News / La redazione di Domus


Wästberg: Holocene

Swedish lighting company Wästberg launches a series of light sources not requiring electricity, designed by Ilse Crawford, David Chipperfield and Jasper Morrison.



Ceci n’est pas une copie

On display at CID – Centre for Innovation and Design, “Ceci n’est pas une copie” sets out in search of the nature and significance of copying techniques in contemporary design.




Jasper Morrison: T&O

The new chair and stool designed by Jasper Morrison for the Japanese manufacturer Maruni combines the warmth of maple wood with coloured metal parts.




Domus 999 on newsstands

In Domus February issue: a residential complex by David Chipperfield Architects in London; a residential building in Lugano by SPBR Arquitetos and Baserga & Mozzetti Architetti; the redesign of the MASP’s permanent collection by Metro Arquitetos Associados. For design: the show on Jasper Morrison, a conversation with Paolo Fantoni and the book by Chiara Alessi.



Best of 2015 #design

A room filled with 25,000 dishes and 3D printed joints, a phone just for calls and a bicycle in wood and carbon, here are this year’s best design stories.